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Why choose Guide Me Oregon for your Oregon guided tours adventure?

Our mantra is simple: go where you want, with who you want. If you are looking for a private genuine experience, then you will enjoy our custom or predesigned tours. We’re relaxed, humble and love to show off Oregon in style. Let us introduce to you some of our favorite destinations and share all that Oregon has to offer!

Where is Oregon calling you?

Oregon is full of diverse exploration!

  Astoria (cruise excursions too) Willamette Valley • Columbia Gorge • Mt. Hood • Pacific Coast • Bend/Sunriver • Smith Rock • Crater Lake • Portland • Hood River • Eagle Cap/Wallowa Lake • Painted Hills • Cannon Beach • Ashland • Redwoods (California border) • Mt. St Helens (Yes, even Washington State) • All of Oregon’s 7 wonders, hmmm?

Are you ready to have some fun?

Oregon Coast || The Oregon Coast stretches approximately 363 miles (584 km) from the Columbia River in the north to the California state border in the south and is divided into three regions.  The North, Central and South Coasts are filled with different species of plant and animal that can be found throughout the regions, both terrestrial and marine in nature.  Sea cliffs, beaches, and stacks completes the unique Oregon picturesque views.

What People Say About Us

Knowledgeable and Entertaining...
Outstanding Guide!

"Some of the most breathtaking sights I have ever experienced were in Oregon – with Guide me Oregon

Shelly is a knowledgeable historian, that is a kind, entertaining, fun, outstanding guide!

She knows just the right places, both on and off the beaten path- Whether you are looking for a quaint, personal experience, without all the hustle and bustle of tourists, or you want all the major stops, from endless wine tours to the beautiful Oregon coast, from Astoria, OR to Crater Lake - Shelly has you covered! And if you like food as much as I do... ooooooo you will have some of the most spectacular Oregon has to offer...

You will not be disappointed booking your tour with Shelly! I cannot wait to go back"

R. Wolf
Edgewater, FL

Accommodating and Professional -
Highly, Highly Recommend

"These two people are such kind and amazing guides! My grandparents and I had a wonderful time driving around Portland with them, taking in all the sites! Very accommodating and professional! Highly highly recommend them for any type of tour in the Portland or surrounding areas."

H. R. Holt

Loved Our Tour

"Just just had to tell everyone we Loved our tour today!! Guide Me Oregon had a beautiful tour lined up for us. From Portland Tea gardens, Japanese gardens, and Pittock Mansion to Lunch with and over view of Portland. Thanks so much Dean and Shelly!!"

C. Holligan
Azle, Texas